Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Asian Seafood Salad

I have an awesome new recipe to share with everyone today!

Last week we were contacted by Albertson's to do a trial run of a seafood bar using some of our marinades.  Kimberly worked her little butt off coming up with a huge variety of recipes using our items to present to them.  She had maybe a day and a half to work it all out and make it come together.  And she succeeded! 

I now present to you one of the many recipes that she developed last week.  It is the yummiest, and probably one of the easiest ones to make!  Mind you, this was a trial run at one Albertson's, so don't you all go bursting in to your local Albertson's trying to find it!  TRIAL RUN!  Hopefully it will become permanent.  Until then, here is a recipe!  It is super easy, trust me!

The other thing to remember is that this was created for a grocery store.  Therefore, it is in larger quantities than would be suitable for a normal family.  However, I absolutely have faith that all of you foodies out there will be able to convert it to smaller portions!!!  Better yet, think about it this way:  now you have a great dish to take with you to the next party you go to!  Problem solved! 

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe!  Anyone can do it!  All you need is the raw ingredients and our Japanese Teriyaki!  You don't have any yet?  No problem!  You know the deal - Check out the website! 

Thanks for checking out today's recipe!  Let me know what you think about it!  No, really, I want feedback... Please!?!?!  Thank you. :)  Happy Wednesday!

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