Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Chef's Corner

If you really want to knock someone’s socks off, may I recommend using our Santa Maria Seasoning on some Tri Tip. I am sure my beautiful wife Carrianne told you what inspired us to make our own version, but did she tell you what a great hit it will be at dinner tonight? The great thing about the Santa Maria Seasoning is that it is so flavorful that you don’t have to season your meat ahead of time. Your Tri Tip will still come out as juicy and moist as if it were marinating for days!
Now that you have your Tri Tip rinsed, generously coat the Tri Tip with our Santa Maria Seasoning. If you like, allow the Tri Tip to rest for at least one hour in the fridge. When you are ready, get your grill nice and hot and sear both sides of the Tri Tip. Then continue to cook your Tri Tip over low heat for about 30 minutes, constantly turning or until the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees. Remove the Tri Tip from the grill onto the cutting board and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Thinly slice and serve.

Handy Dandy Tip:  Any time you take a piece of meat off the grill no matter what cut it is, you want it to rest for a few minutes before you cut into it. Let me tell you why! If you cut into the meat before the juices can settle, all the moisture will leave the meat and you will be left with a dry, tough piece of meat! So be sure to let your meat rest and let the juices settle to ensure maximum juiciness.

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Well isn't this awesome, you sell all these spices and give tips on using them. Good for you guys, have to check into this a bit further for sure, thanks.