Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gluten free - or not?

Thirty percent of adults are interested in avoiding or cutting down on gluten in their diets, says a survey from the NPD Group, a consumer research firm. NDP has been following gluten-free issues since 2009 and its January 2013 survey revealed the highest interest in gluten-free diets yet.

For many years health was about avoiding fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium in our diet. While we still strive to cut down or eliminate those items from our diets, many more now want to avoid gluten - right now it is nearly 30 percent of the adult population ... and it’s growing.

The gluten-free food market has grown and interest has extended to the restaurant industry as well. ago. The majority of people going gluten-free are not doing so out of medical necessity but for health reasons. Although there have been many surveys conducted on gluten free diets, the results aren't conclusive.

Having said that, being 'gluten free'  is not a fad that is going to go away overnight, as people see it as a healthier way of life.

Luckily for us all of our seasonings are gluten free, and natural and always have been! You don't have to skimp on flavor to be healthy!

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