Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eat yourself skinny!

Eat yourself skinny may sound like a contradiction, but, it's true!!!

Your BASAL METABOLIC RATE is the key to weight loss. The higher your metabolic rate the faster, and more efficiently your body utilizes the food you put into it.

Now, you cannot expect to lose weight by eating fast food all day long, but if you eat healthily and have 6 small meals spaced out during the day, this will go along way to speeding up your metabolism and making your digestive system more efficient. Stick to high protein, high fiber and low fat foods, snack on nuts, fruits (almonds, carrots, raisins etc)

To help increase your metabolic rate further include regular exercise. You don't have to go out and run a marathon everyday!!!! a brisk 30 min walk is sufficient to increase your heart rate and help boost metabolism. Walk to the store and carry home those shopping bags. Use the stairs at work. Small changes added into your daily routine all add up to making a BIG change to your metabolic rate and ultimately your health and weight.

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