Monday, February 22, 2010

Lena for Lent!

Hi!  My name is Lena the Lemon! 

 I'm taking over for Cristina today in writing this little entry!  You know, we have been very busy here at the company with all of our meetings and taking orders, and I think she just needed a little help.  If you didn't notice, she was a little MIA last week...  Ok, I realize she was out of town, but her loyal fans need her!  Anyway, I offered to lighten her load a little by writing this for her today!

Gosh, this is so exciting!  I have never written to the entire internet before!  It's such a huge audience!  Who knows who could be reading?  Chef Gordon Ramsey?  Emeril?  The President!!!  Ok, calm down Lena, deep breaths.... 

Alrighty, now that I have gotten a hold of myself, let's try this again...  I'm Lena, and I am the SpokesLemon for Scott's Food Products Lemon Pepper!  I love a good meal, don't you?  Well, with my amazing blend of imported spices, black pepper, and real lemon peel, you are in for a treat!  I can help you create a wonderful meal in no time at all!  I believe Cristina has mentioned this once before, but I know she would want me to mention her love of broccoli with my lemon pepper.  It makes broccoli better with some lemon-ee zest!  Ooh!  If you like breaded chicken, you should try mixing some of my lemon pepper in with some bread crumbs before you coat your chicken.  And instead of just using an egg bath, you should check out my buddy here at Scott's, Mr. Sicilian Godfather!  His Creamy Sicilian Marinade is the most delicious lemon-ee garlic marinade that just complements my seasoning perfectly! 

I think now is a great time to bring up the fact that Lent just began last week!  This means that many people aren't eating meat on Friday!  Which means a lot of people are turning to fish!  Well let me tell you, my lemon pepper is excellent on fish!  Just a few weeks ago, we were having a little photo shoot, and I was featured on some delicious salmon!  Not to toot my own horn, but everyone that tried it said it was the best salmon they have ever had!  I guess my lemon pepper flavors were just right on that piece of fish.  I did mention earlier that I love a good meal, didn't I?  So instead of being sad that you have to give something up, rejoice in that fact that you get to eat something, dare I say, even more delicious than you may have had otherwise! 

Well, you have been such a great audience!  I just can't tell you what a great time I have had today!  I hope I inspired some great Friday Night Fish Frys for all of you people observing Lent!  This was so much fun, maybe Cristina will be busy more often, and then I can come talk to you again!!!  

xoxo, Lena

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jerseygirl211 said...


I've known your dad since we were kids, he and his family moved two doors away from me on 2nd Ave. in Garwood. I'd love to be able to help send some business his way, I have an idea that you might be interested in.

I've been friends with a few bloggers that have MANY followers, do you think if they posted a GIVE-AWAY on their blogs that it would be a good promotion for the company? As I wrote to Ange, there are other companies that are doing that, and it has been going over big with bloggers. TRUE, I don't know what business it has produced for them, but it might be worth trying. If you're interested I will contact my blog friends for you, if you want me too.

Let me know what you think. It's nice meeting you this way. :) And thanks for the nice comment about our little ballerina, Olivia. :) Whatever the decision is, I hope business improves.

Marian.....AKA 'D'