Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tofu for you?

Hey folks! 

Hope your Wednesday is as busy as mine has been! Whew!

I was thinking about what I was going to write about earlier today before I got caught up in my whirlwind of projects, and my coworkers and I were talking about uses for our products.  Yes, in our spare time, we think about new ways to use Scott's Food Products... 

Considering the kind of company we are, generally all of our serving suggestions revolve around some kind of meat.  I then realized that we exclude an entire group of people who don't consume meat!  How sad that they get left out because they don't enjoy a nice juicy hamburger like the rest of us!  As a result, I decided to dedicate today's entry to vegetarians!  Just because I enjoy a burger every now and then doesn't mean tofu isn't fantastic too!

First of all, I would just like to say that Strictly Pepper is awesome!  Considering the fact that it is pepper, not to mention the best pepper blend ever (in my humble opinion), it isn't necessarily meant for a specific kind of anything.  It does, however, belong on every table in the world!!!  Pepper is great, but who wants to use pepper dust?  So, for those of you who want to add an extra little kick to your chicken, fish, vegetables, or whatever else you may feel like eating (scrambled eggs??? mmmmm....) Strictly Pepper is the way to go!

My best friend and sales merchandiser in San Diego, Micaela, loves Teriyaki Sesame tofu!!!  She loves to stir fry her tofu and broccoli with Teriyaki Sesame, and I must say, it is quite delicious!  It smells so good, it looks so good, and on top of it all, it is good for you!  Yay being healthy!

Izzy, in accounting, recommended Steakhouse Rotisserie and Grill french fries.  I think he made an excellent point in recommending that.  You know how certain places have their seasoning salt that they use on their steak fries?  Well, using our Steakhouse Rotisserie and Grill seasoning gets you that great restaurant kind of fry right at home!  Except in the end it will be better, because you are saving money (do you have any idea how many batches of fries you can make with one jar?  I don't actually know, but I would guess at least 100 batches if it was used solely for that purpose, and one jar would probably cost the same as one order of fries... points to ponder!) and there will be less salt in our seasoning and way more spices!!!  To make it really easy, just buy some fries out of the frozen section in the supermarket and then sprinkle Steakhouse Rotisserie and Grill when you bake them.  Voila!  Gourmet fries!

Mediterraneran Garlic is a great marinade to use on veggie kabobs!  It is a great addition to bring to a BBQ.  Everyone has their little meat kabobs, and you can join the party too with your awesome little veggie kabobs!  And you know what?  Your kabobs will probably be better than everyone else's, considering your are using Scott's Food Products... unless of course your company is also informed of our wonderful line of items, and then there might be a contest to see whose kabobs are best... which could also be a fun addition to the BBQ! :)

Ok, this may have to be continued at a later date, considering I am about to get kicked off my computer.  Oh wait!  Lemon Pepper on broccoli!  Point to ponder, make it your own.  Just know it is awesome.  :)

Until the next post!   TTFN, ta ta for now!

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