Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yummy Summer Recipes

So it is already Memorial Day Weekend!  I am not entirely sure how this has happened already...  Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in some crazy time warp where months pass and I will never know the difference...

On a completely different subject, our Plant was all in a tizzy last week because one of our corporate accounts was here for a little Plant tour and BBQ!  It was a great time, with great people, and excellent food!  Now I would like to share with you some of the deliciousness that went on last week!

We centered our BBQ around the items they carry.  Luckily, they carry about 4 of our items, and not the entire line of about 20 items, otherwise we would have been up to our ears in food and would have needed at least three times the amount of people that were actually there to eat it all!!! 

We cooked these great little Lemon Pepper chicken drumettes.  They were very simple to make, and also a great change from the normal buffalo wings.  All you have to do is sprinkle the little drummettes with Lemon Pepper and bake them!  They bake up very quickly, and they come out delicious!  Those little guys were gone so fast only half the people got to try them!  I was lucky to get a hold of one myself!

We also made a Santa Maria pork tenderloin.  We always tell people that it is especially for tri tip roasts, which it is, but we also wanted to get the word out that it is the most versatile seasoning on the market!  So we decided to put it on pork, and everyone loved it!  This we also baked, and it was very simple.  Since it is a roast, you want to get a heavier coating of seasoning on the outside since the cut is so thick.  This was also received well, and when sliced thin, I think any leftovers would make a great sandwich the next day!

Next up I will present (drumroll please!) the Mediterranean Garlic veggie kabobs!  These were excellent!  We just brushed some of the marinade on both sides of the kabob and let them sit over night.  They were cooked to perfection, and they tasted amazing!  There wasn't as big of a response from these, but hey, they were meat guys!  They wanted meat!  I just wonder what kind of a response we could have gotten if we had let them sit and marinate for a few days... mmmmmmm :)

Last but not least, we made little Bourdelaise sliders!  I must say, these were a huge hit!!!  We really hit the nail on the head!  Bourdelaise burgers have been a tradition in my family for my entire life, so we thought that would be a great, casual way to present an item such as Bourdelaise!  It sounds so fancy, you know?  And people always ask, "What's a Bourdelaise?"  Well, it's kind of a beef enhancing marinade, with onion and garlic and other flavors, but you don't just have to use it on a steak!  Mix it in with your burger grinds, and you are all set!  We discovered, since we were making a lot of burgers for a lot of people, that for about 8 pounds of ground beef, you need about 3 cups of marinade.  It was perfect!  All of the marinade absorbed into the burger, they were cooked perfectly, and thank goodness we made about 80 slider patties because everyone kept going back for more! 

All in all, it was a successful Plant tour, and now you all get to benefit from our little recipes!  It was all great outdoor BBQ, munchie kind of food.  I highly recommend you get cracking on the planning for your party this weekend!  And you know what?  I think you should be in charge of the Bourdelaise sliders...  You can easily feed 35 people with 2 ounce sliders, and it will mean instant popularity!  You can even tell people it is your secret recipe handed down through your family for 3 generations!!! 

Whatever you do, enjoy your 3 day weekend!  Summer is here!  Let's start grilling!