Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The New Girl in Town.

Good afternoon bloggers, and happy hump day! My name's Natasha and I'm the newest addition to the Scott's Food Products family. Part of my duties as administrative assistant is to update their blog. I'm so excited to fill all our readers in on the great things we've got going on here! Currently our dynamic duo, Kimberly Van Wig and Carrianne LoBue, are in Seattle meeting with the head honchos of some major super markets, and hiring on Sales Merchandisers to work magic in Washington. So watch out rainy city, you're about to receive a tidal storm of flavor! Then next week Kimberly's off to San Francisco ( I'm super jealous to say the least), so expect to see some SF inspired posts!

We hope you have a wonderful day! Happy grilling!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yummy Summer Recipes

So it is already Memorial Day Weekend!  I am not entirely sure how this has happened already...  Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in some crazy time warp where months pass and I will never know the difference...

On a completely different subject, our Plant was all in a tizzy last week because one of our corporate accounts was here for a little Plant tour and BBQ!  It was a great time, with great people, and excellent food!  Now I would like to share with you some of the deliciousness that went on last week!

We centered our BBQ around the items they carry.  Luckily, they carry about 4 of our items, and not the entire line of about 20 items, otherwise we would have been up to our ears in food and would have needed at least three times the amount of people that were actually there to eat it all!!! 

We cooked these great little Lemon Pepper chicken drumettes.  They were very simple to make, and also a great change from the normal buffalo wings.  All you have to do is sprinkle the little drummettes with Lemon Pepper and bake them!  They bake up very quickly, and they come out delicious!  Those little guys were gone so fast only half the people got to try them!  I was lucky to get a hold of one myself!

We also made a Santa Maria pork tenderloin.  We always tell people that it is especially for tri tip roasts, which it is, but we also wanted to get the word out that it is the most versatile seasoning on the market!  So we decided to put it on pork, and everyone loved it!  This we also baked, and it was very simple.  Since it is a roast, you want to get a heavier coating of seasoning on the outside since the cut is so thick.  This was also received well, and when sliced thin, I think any leftovers would make a great sandwich the next day!

Next up I will present (drumroll please!) the Mediterranean Garlic veggie kabobs!  These were excellent!  We just brushed some of the marinade on both sides of the kabob and let them sit over night.  They were cooked to perfection, and they tasted amazing!  There wasn't as big of a response from these, but hey, they were meat guys!  They wanted meat!  I just wonder what kind of a response we could have gotten if we had let them sit and marinate for a few days... mmmmmmm :)

Last but not least, we made little Bourdelaise sliders!  I must say, these were a huge hit!!!  We really hit the nail on the head!  Bourdelaise burgers have been a tradition in my family for my entire life, so we thought that would be a great, casual way to present an item such as Bourdelaise!  It sounds so fancy, you know?  And people always ask, "What's a Bourdelaise?"  Well, it's kind of a beef enhancing marinade, with onion and garlic and other flavors, but you don't just have to use it on a steak!  Mix it in with your burger grinds, and you are all set!  We discovered, since we were making a lot of burgers for a lot of people, that for about 8 pounds of ground beef, you need about 3 cups of marinade.  It was perfect!  All of the marinade absorbed into the burger, they were cooked perfectly, and thank goodness we made about 80 slider patties because everyone kept going back for more! 

All in all, it was a successful Plant tour, and now you all get to benefit from our little recipes!  It was all great outdoor BBQ, munchie kind of food.  I highly recommend you get cracking on the planning for your party this weekend!  And you know what?  I think you should be in charge of the Bourdelaise sliders...  You can easily feed 35 people with 2 ounce sliders, and it will mean instant popularity!  You can even tell people it is your secret recipe handed down through your family for 3 generations!!! 

Whatever you do, enjoy your 3 day weekend!  Summer is here!  Let's start grilling!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Asian Seafood Salad

I have an awesome new recipe to share with everyone today!

Last week we were contacted by Albertson's to do a trial run of a seafood bar using some of our marinades.  Kimberly worked her little butt off coming up with a huge variety of recipes using our items to present to them.  She had maybe a day and a half to work it all out and make it come together.  And she succeeded! 

I now present to you one of the many recipes that she developed last week.  It is the yummiest, and probably one of the easiest ones to make!  Mind you, this was a trial run at one Albertson's, so don't you all go bursting in to your local Albertson's trying to find it!  TRIAL RUN!  Hopefully it will become permanent.  Until then, here is a recipe!  It is super easy, trust me!

The other thing to remember is that this was created for a grocery store.  Therefore, it is in larger quantities than would be suitable for a normal family.  However, I absolutely have faith that all of you foodies out there will be able to convert it to smaller portions!!!  Better yet, think about it this way:  now you have a great dish to take with you to the next party you go to!  Problem solved! 

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe!  Anyone can do it!  All you need is the raw ingredients and our Japanese Teriyaki!  You don't have any yet?  No problem!  You know the deal - Check out the website! 

Thanks for checking out today's recipe!  Let me know what you think about it!  No, really, I want feedback... Please!?!?!  Thank you. :)  Happy Wednesday!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Facebook Frenzy! and food...

I know it is probably about time to give you all a new recipe to try out, but here is where my blog gets all interactive again...

Our Facebook page is finally complete, up and running, and it looks great!  I would strongly encourage all of you to go and check it out!

Then you can become a fan too!  I am already a fan... You should jump on the band wagon!  You know you want to!  No cyber stalking now! 

While you are checking out the fan page, make sure to click on the little discussions tab and tell us about your favorite recipe or start your own topic!  We love feedback, so come visit us on Facebook! 

As our Director of Operations, Rain, just sang as she walked out the door, "Happy Friiiiday!!!!"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!


I hope everyone has a great holiday making colorful eggs and then finding them, spending some wonderful time with their families, and eating lots of delicious food!!!

The Scott's Family

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The REAL NASFT Interview!

Hello Cyber-Audience!

It's kind of been a little while since I posted anything...  Oops...  It's been crazy busy here on this end!!! 

Do you all remember something like 2 months ago when I wrote from the 2010 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco?  If you don't, you need to go back into the archives and catch up!  It's good stuff!  That's beside the point though. 

Anyway, I spoke of an interview they were doing with our National Sales Manager, Kimberly.  It was all exciting and it was going to be a part of their live stream and I added a link and everything!!! Well, I can't tell you how much I myself watched that livestream hoping to see it (I was busy blogging on the side of the convention while they filmed, so I had no idea what happened in the interview) and I watched numerous other interviews and never once got to see ours! 

Later on, I find out, along with everyone else at the company, that I never saw it because it never made it up!  Apparently there was some weird glitch and our, and apparently some other companies, were cut out by accident... :(  But we got the opportunity to refilm!!!  Which is the point of today's blog:  Debuting the actual interview! 

Awesome possum! 

P.s.  The temperature is heating up, isn't it time you started grilling again?  Just something to consider... :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March is Caribbean Month!

The weather is starting to warm up again, or at least for a few days, and it's time to get back outside and start grilling!  Summer will be here before we know it and to get us all in the mood, we here at Scott's Food Products have designated March to be Caribbean Month!  So what exactly does this mean for you?  Allow me to explain :)

For the rest of March, we will be featuring - drumroll please!- no, no, not a drumstick, drumroll!  oy...

And the nominees are:

Lemon Pepper
Teriyaki Sesame
Jezebel Spice
Strictly Pepper

The deal is you can get $0.50 off your purchase when you buy 2 of the above mentioned items!  Woo hoo!! 

And now, to entice you just a wee bit more, here are some wonderful Caribbean inspired ideas to go along with these items.  I'm not a huge fan of recipes, but I am a fan of suggestions!  So please, take my suggestions, and make them your own!

How about trying out Lyrica's Jambalaya with Jezebel spice?  She is our Sales Executive here, and she is an excellent cook!  By seasoning your chicken or shrimp with Jezebel Spice before making your Jambalaya, you will add an extra little kick and a lot of flavor to this great meal!

Or what about some Sweet Teriyaki Fish with our Teriyaki Sesame and your choice of fish! And speaking of fish, maybe try a little Lemon Pepper red snapper? 

Alright, my last suggestion for the day would be Pepper Shrimp with Strictly Pepper.  Really, it is the best pepper blend in the world!  What better to make a pepper shrimp recipe with than Strictly Pepper?  You won't necessarily have to use as much pepper, since ours packs a punch!  However, you may discover how much more you like pepper because of it, and then you may use just as much because it is just sooo good!

I really wish I was sitting on the beach drinking something with a cute little umbrella in it and eating one of these little ideas I just wrote about!  It sounds like a perfect day to me!  Soon Cristina, soon... At least, that is what I am going to tell myself!!!  If you make it to a tropical island before me, and honestly, you probably will, send me a vacation picture to make me jealous!  Ooh, even better, make one of these dishes with the items you buy during this promotion and send me a picture of that dish in paradise!  It will be like the Travelocity gnome, except it will be the traveling jar of Scott's Food Products! 

Aaaah, paradise!

Expires 5/31/10

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Want a free jar of Santa Maria?!?!?!

Big news people!!!!!  Tomorrow is the official first day of an incredible promotion at Pacific Ranch Market in Orange. 

Get this: for every Kobe Tri Tip purchased in the next month, you will receive one free jar of our Santa Maria!!!! 

I can't tell you all how excited we are about this!  It is going to be huge!  Really, how can you pass up one whole 7 oz jar, free!!!  You get an excellent tri tip, and you get an excellent seasoning!  So everyone in Orange County, at the very least, needs to rustle up a coupon and get on over to Pacific Ranch Market!  Get some great meat, and while you are at it, get some amazing fresh produce and other goodies to make a wonderful meal!

Ooh!  And while you are at it, don't forget to congratulate Dave behind the meat counter on his new baby!!!!!

Expires 12/31/10

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb

Speaking of lamb, have you tried our Mediterranean Garlic Marinade yet?  I think this is a great time to introduce you to this amazing marinade, because it goes great on lamb, among other things, and it is green, for St. Patricks Day, which is right around the corner, and it goes incredibly well on fish!  Seeing as how it is still lent, I think it is appropriate to give Mediterranean Garlic a little time in the spotlight! 

Quite possibly our most versatile product (Santa Maria lovers may be rolling in their metaphorical graves), Mediterranean Garlic is also a wonderful accompaniment to chicken, shrimp, veggie kabobs, and even as a dip for bread!

Ok, here is the deal with the bread dipping.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT dip bread straight into the jar!  It really won't taste that amazing straight out of the jar because there is vinegar in all of our marinades to help them penetrate the meat and infuse it with flavor!  All of you Hitchhiker's fans should know: Don't panic! There is a simple solution to make it taste the way it is supposed to.  Once a piece of marinated meat has been cooked, the vinegar has been cooked off and the true flavor profile of the marinade will emerge.  This means, if you want to use Mediterranean Garlic as a dipping sauce for bread, all you have to do is cook off the vinegar by heating some of the marinade in a skillet.  In no time at all, you can pour it in to some kind of a container and you can dip away in delicious mediterranean garlicky goodness!  I would say that is a step up from regular olive oil, wouldn't you? 

Another idea: garlic bread.  Take a delicious loaf of french bread, freshly baked from your local market, and cut it in half langth wise.  Brush some Mediterranean Garlic on each half, sprinkle it with parmesan cheese, and bake.  Voila!  The oven cooks off the vinegar and you are left with the best garlic bread ever! 

Green is the theme for St. Patrick's Day, but I wouldn't recommend wearing the marinade to keep from getting pinched...  While you will succeed in not getting pinched, it won't be because you are wearing green.  It will mostly be because you reek of garlic.  And really folks, we marinate meat, not ourselves.  Enough said.  Maybe carry a jar around in your pocket, just make sure it stands upright.  You may flash the jar at pinchers when needed.

Since Lent is still upon us, another great addition to the fish fry is, obviously, Mediterranean Garlic.  It is wonderful for all kinds of seafood, including shrimp.  I don't know if shrimp counts for Lent, but I had to inform you anyways.  Continuing on Lena's post from a little while ago, give your fish fry goers some variety by offering Mediterranean Garlic fish as well as Lemon Pepper fish!  You won't disappoint. 

Lastly, since Easter is around the corner, try some Mediterranean Garlic for your Easter Lamb Crown Roast!  Check out this lovely recipe below! 

How is that for some great ideas?  Thinking about going Mediterranean for dinner tonight?  Well, you know what to do!  Check out the website, get even more great ideas, and we will get you your Mediterranean Garlic as soon as we see your order!  Really, our turn around time is phenomenal, if I do say so myself.  Give it a try!  Order something today, and you tell me if you don't get your order processed by the next day at the latest!  Overall, our company cares about you and the deliciousness of the food you eat!  Therefore, your orders are a priority for us.  We get those things processed ASAP!  If you find things to be different, leave me a comment, and I will take care of it!  You can trust me, I'm the owner's daughter...  :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We are expanding online!!!!

So, this has been a very exciting week for me!  Considering I have never written a blog before, I have been getting a lot of pretty great feedback!  I have recently gotten this blog added to a few nifty websites, and I think you should go check them all out! 

My blog has been approved to be included in Foodie Blogroll, Petitchef, and Foodista! 

Foodie Blogroll is a great community of Foodie blogs!  And we here at Scott's Food Products are now honored to have a place among all of the other foodies! 

Petitchef is a "french based Cooking recipes Portal," and yes, I absolutely did quote that from the comment they left on my Short and Spicy post!  Find some great recipes from all over the world on this website!

Foodista is a cooking encyclopedia for everyone!  Add to it, learn from it, and so on and so forth. 

So go forth in to the world of food blogs!   And when you are done, come back and leave me a comment!  I would love to hear what you think of our new internet expansion!!!!! 


Monday, February 22, 2010

Lena for Lent!

Hi!  My name is Lena the Lemon! 

 I'm taking over for Cristina today in writing this little entry!  You know, we have been very busy here at the company with all of our meetings and taking orders, and I think she just needed a little help.  If you didn't notice, she was a little MIA last week...  Ok, I realize she was out of town, but her loyal fans need her!  Anyway, I offered to lighten her load a little by writing this for her today!

Gosh, this is so exciting!  I have never written to the entire internet before!  It's such a huge audience!  Who knows who could be reading?  Chef Gordon Ramsey?  Emeril?  The President!!!  Ok, calm down Lena, deep breaths.... 

Alrighty, now that I have gotten a hold of myself, let's try this again...  I'm Lena, and I am the SpokesLemon for Scott's Food Products Lemon Pepper!  I love a good meal, don't you?  Well, with my amazing blend of imported spices, black pepper, and real lemon peel, you are in for a treat!  I can help you create a wonderful meal in no time at all!  I believe Cristina has mentioned this once before, but I know she would want me to mention her love of broccoli with my lemon pepper.  It makes broccoli better with some lemon-ee zest!  Ooh!  If you like breaded chicken, you should try mixing some of my lemon pepper in with some bread crumbs before you coat your chicken.  And instead of just using an egg bath, you should check out my buddy here at Scott's, Mr. Sicilian Godfather!  His Creamy Sicilian Marinade is the most delicious lemon-ee garlic marinade that just complements my seasoning perfectly! 

I think now is a great time to bring up the fact that Lent just began last week!  This means that many people aren't eating meat on Friday!  Which means a lot of people are turning to fish!  Well let me tell you, my lemon pepper is excellent on fish!  Just a few weeks ago, we were having a little photo shoot, and I was featured on some delicious salmon!  Not to toot my own horn, but everyone that tried it said it was the best salmon they have ever had!  I guess my lemon pepper flavors were just right on that piece of fish.  I did mention earlier that I love a good meal, didn't I?  So instead of being sad that you have to give something up, rejoice in that fact that you get to eat something, dare I say, even more delicious than you may have had otherwise! 

Well, you have been such a great audience!  I just can't tell you what a great time I have had today!  I hope I inspired some great Friday Night Fish Frys for all of you people observing Lent!  This was so much fun, maybe Cristina will be busy more often, and then I can come talk to you again!!!  

xoxo, Lena

Friday, February 12, 2010

To marinate, or not to marinate!

That is the question!  Or maybe it is how to marinate?  Or what is a marinade...? 

I don't know about you, but as the days, weeks, and months continue to go by, it has come to my attention that many people are unsure of how to use a marinade.  Seasonings are so simple: rinse the meat, sprinkle on seasoning, then cook.  Bam!  Meal ready!  Marinades are just slightly more involved, but they really aren't that hard to use and in the end you have a fantastic meal!  So let's get down to the nitty gritty and clear away all the confusion so you can have a fabulous dinner tonight!

Why should you use a marinade to begin with?  A good marinade should actually penetrate a cut of meat so there will be flavor throughout the entire piece of meat.  Beware of marinades that just sit on top!  They are not doing their job properly!  Our marinades have vinegar in them especially for this purpose.  It may not taste that great if you stick your finger in the jar to taste it right off the bat.  Just give it a chance, and you will find that once you are at the final product, the vinegar has been cooked off and you will be able to taste the true flavor profile of the marinade! 

A little side note about the vinegar: it kills bacteria!  That makes it safe to marinate your meat and throw it in the fridge to keep marinating for a couple days, no problem!  If you want to get super duper fancy, you can freeze your meat in marinade, and that helps to prevent freezer burn.  And then when you take it out to defrost, your meat will automatically marinate as it defrosts!! Woo hoo!  It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it!  Can you say quick meal?  Ok, moving on...

Alrighty, now let's figure out how to actually use this stuff since now we know why we should use it. 
1. First things first: rinse off the meat.  Always rinse off your meat!  Hygiene people, hygiene!  It gets all the little microscopic whatnots off your meat, and then you can start with a clean slate :) 
2. Next, pat your meat dry.  Otherwise you have water on the cut of meat and that will dilute the marinade.  Not a huge deal, but we are talking flavor, so let's not dilute the marinade and your meat will taste better in the end.  If you want to/need to trim up the meat, now would be a good time to do it. 
3. Take a zipper type plastic bag, put the meat in the bag, and use just enough marinade to cover the meat.  No need to drown it in marinade, you just want to make sure there is enough to coat the surface of the meat so it can soak in everywhere.  Sometimes I get questions about how much to use: half a jar, a whole jar?  I honestly don't know, just use enough to cover the meat.  It will vary constantly depending on how much food you are making, so follow these guidelines and it will turn out great, I promise. 
Ok, now that you have the meat and marinade in the bag...
4. Squeeze out all the air as you zip the bag closed.  It is kind of like a makeshift vacuum seal and helps to marinate more effectively. 
5. Now we wait.  Throw it in the fridge or freezer, depending on how soon you are going to use it.  Technically, you could just marinate for a few hours, but really, you should adopt our little mantra: One day is good, Two days is better, Three days is Awesome!  And yes, it is ok to leave it marinating in your fridge for three days.  Remember the vinegar?  Great!

So those are some steps for marinating meat.  From there you take the meat after it has had a nice long while to marinate and soak up all the flavored goodness it has been sitting in, and you cook it however you may like. 

Did you know we have 7 different marinades to choose from?  Even our barbecue sauces, like Jezebel Spicy Sauce, can penetrate a cut of meat!  I encourage you to check out our website and try something new!  Add some variety to your kitchen, and spice up your dinner tonight!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tofu for you?

Hey folks! 

Hope your Wednesday is as busy as mine has been! Whew!

I was thinking about what I was going to write about earlier today before I got caught up in my whirlwind of projects, and my coworkers and I were talking about uses for our products.  Yes, in our spare time, we think about new ways to use Scott's Food Products... 

Considering the kind of company we are, generally all of our serving suggestions revolve around some kind of meat.  I then realized that we exclude an entire group of people who don't consume meat!  How sad that they get left out because they don't enjoy a nice juicy hamburger like the rest of us!  As a result, I decided to dedicate today's entry to vegetarians!  Just because I enjoy a burger every now and then doesn't mean tofu isn't fantastic too!

First of all, I would just like to say that Strictly Pepper is awesome!  Considering the fact that it is pepper, not to mention the best pepper blend ever (in my humble opinion), it isn't necessarily meant for a specific kind of anything.  It does, however, belong on every table in the world!!!  Pepper is great, but who wants to use pepper dust?  So, for those of you who want to add an extra little kick to your chicken, fish, vegetables, or whatever else you may feel like eating (scrambled eggs??? mmmmm....) Strictly Pepper is the way to go!

My best friend and sales merchandiser in San Diego, Micaela, loves Teriyaki Sesame tofu!!!  She loves to stir fry her tofu and broccoli with Teriyaki Sesame, and I must say, it is quite delicious!  It smells so good, it looks so good, and on top of it all, it is good for you!  Yay being healthy!

Izzy, in accounting, recommended Steakhouse Rotisserie and Grill french fries.  I think he made an excellent point in recommending that.  You know how certain places have their seasoning salt that they use on their steak fries?  Well, using our Steakhouse Rotisserie and Grill seasoning gets you that great restaurant kind of fry right at home!  Except in the end it will be better, because you are saving money (do you have any idea how many batches of fries you can make with one jar?  I don't actually know, but I would guess at least 100 batches if it was used solely for that purpose, and one jar would probably cost the same as one order of fries... points to ponder!) and there will be less salt in our seasoning and way more spices!!!  To make it really easy, just buy some fries out of the frozen section in the supermarket and then sprinkle Steakhouse Rotisserie and Grill when you bake them.  Voila!  Gourmet fries!

Mediterraneran Garlic is a great marinade to use on veggie kabobs!  It is a great addition to bring to a BBQ.  Everyone has their little meat kabobs, and you can join the party too with your awesome little veggie kabobs!  And you know what?  Your kabobs will probably be better than everyone else's, considering your are using Scott's Food Products... unless of course your company is also informed of our wonderful line of items, and then there might be a contest to see whose kabobs are best... which could also be a fun addition to the BBQ! :)

Ok, this may have to be continued at a later date, considering I am about to get kicked off my computer.  Oh wait!  Lemon Pepper on broccoli!  Point to ponder, make it your own.  Just know it is awesome.  :)

Until the next post!   TTFN, ta ta for now!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Short and Spicy!

So last time I was so excited about telling you all about Valentine's Day meal planning, I seem to have neglected one very important thing.... Super Bowl!  My goodness, here I am rambling about lovey dovey and all that jazz... Why didn't someone say something!!!

Super Bowl!  You are getting ready to throw the most awesome Super Bowl party ever, and one of the best little ditties to serve at a party like this is hot wings, right?  Well, how about Jezebel Spicy Hot Wings?  Jezebel Spicy Spice and Spicy Sauce make a great combination for some dynamite hot wings.  She's Hot Stuff!  I mean, who wouldn't want a little hottie like Jezebel to spice up their party?  Since you need to get shopping, I will just get to the point.  Get the little chicken drummettes, season them with the Jezebel Spicy Spice and throw them in the oven.  About 5 minutes before they are ready, pull them out and brush them with Jezebel Spicy Sauce.  When they are all done, they should look something like this:

Is it game time yet?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For your Valentine!

It's that lovey dovey time of year again! Valentine's Day is upon us, or at least that is what all of the stores are telling us. While I hope plans are starting to be made, such as making reservations for the biggest restaurant night of the year (hint hint don't wait until the last minute because reservations fill up fast and then you will get angry because they don't have room for you!), I know many of you are procrastinators, such as myself. Well, luckily for you, I have a plan to save you from late planning!!!  And yes, I am absolutely talking to you men, because I once heard that Valentine's Day is just another birthday for the girl, and it is so true, am I right ladies?  Ok, onwards with Plan B.

Let's just assume you don't make reservations in time. Plan B is now in full effect. What does Plan B entail? I'm so glad you asked! Plan B consists of making a delicious, romantic dinner at home. In times like these, we all need to save a little money anyways, and making your own dinner will save you soooo much money! You can create your own romantic ambiance (candles work wonders!) and your own retaurant style meal in the comfort of your own home! Just follow my lead and everything will go perfect! Ok, Plan B does involve a little bit of planning, but it will be worth it, I promise.

First, go to your local market. I highly recommend someone that is posted on our website under Locations, such as Bristol Farms, El Toro Meats, Hows, Sprouts, the list goes on for days, so I will stop there... This is to ensure you get everything you need. Gotta love one stop shopping. If you run into the problem that your local market doesn't carry Scott's Food Products, then go to our website, tell us who doesn't carry it so we can get them to carry it, and then order some product through our website!  See, you thought you had me there with that road block, but no, we can work around anything.  Hooray adaptation! 

Next, go to the meat counter. This is very important! You can only find our products in the meat department, and this is a very vital part of Plan B! I recommend you get filet mignon for your special meal. It is terribly romantic, and delicious! Next, make sure you buy some Bourdelaise Marinade. Keep an eye out for this awesome little card too while you are in the meat department:

Decide on some side dishes, and get items to go with that too. May I suggest mashed potatoes with Garlic Oil and asparagus? Delicious!  Grab a nice bottle of red wine on your way out, because red wine goes best with red meat, and don't forget some fresh flowers!  We all know they will make the little lady swoon!  Now, it is only February 3rd, so this gives you an entire week to sit on it, procrastinate, and then by the 10th, you really should get to the store.  That way you can marinate long enough for an incredible meal, that will end up looking something like, well, the picture on the card above! 

Ok, so now that I have figured it out for you, all you have to do is execute!  You can do it!  It will be awesome!  If you need anymore assistance, don't hesitate to talk to the guys behind the meat counter for tips on how to cook your meat.  Just like how I am an expert at sauces, seasonings, and marinades, they are experts at everything meat, from cutting it to preparing it!  They are very nice, I promise.  Alrighty, I will let you to your procrastinating now.  I hope I at least gave you some good ideas, or even inspiration!  Cheers to a good, romantic meal!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Take a gander!

Welcome back!

So remember last time I said we were getting all techincal and stuff? You know, I told you about the super cool new video that is posted on our website? You really don't remember? Geez, and I thought I had a bad memory... Well, luckily for you, I have another video for you to look at! Featuring my dad, the Little Chef! Since it is the end of the day, I guess I won't talk it up and instead I will just let you watch it for yourself! How about this, you can let me know what you think about it!

Enjoy the show! Oh yeah, and once you are nice and hungry, check out the website! Since you have already been to the actual website, here is a lnk to the store :) Have a fantastic weekend! Bon appetit!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oooooh Technology!!!


Welcome back to another exciting installment of the SFP blog! Riveting and informative, I try constantly to keep at least myself entertained while writing to all of you, who may not have discovered us yet, but you will in the near future! And when that time comes, not only will you be wildly entertained with our saucy (get it? saucy? HA!) antics here in our company, but you will also have tasty meals, because who can resist a little Santa Maria pork tenderloin with Lemon Pepper broccoli, and Garlic Oil mashed potatoes to top it off! Wow, I just had breakfast and I already want dinner...

Anyway, I hope you, the reader, are as internet savvy as we are learning to become, because we have a super cool new video posted on our website,, featuring the Little Chef himself, Tony LoBue! For the past 30 or so years, the Little Chef has been an awesome little drawing (kind of like the one in the top right hand corner of the blog, but that one is especially new and improved) and for the very first time in the history of our company, you can put a face to the name! I'm excited, and I grew up with the guy!

In conclusion, today I will be short and sweet, but that is so everyone can spend the time they would have taken to read this blog to instead check out the website and watch our fancy little video!

Oh yea, and further proof of our internet savvy-ness, we also have a twitter page! Leave us some love at

Happy viewing!

Friday, January 22, 2010

To sum up the week

TGIF. It has been an interesting week, to say the least. It all started with a trip to San Francisco. Fancy Food Show, here we come! Or went... That would be more approriate, considering it is now in the past...

Anyways, from the moment we arrived up north, it rained. Then it continued to rain the entire time we were up there. It continued to rain everywhere else in California too! Whoever says California doesn't have weather wasn't watching the news this past week, but that is besides the point. Luckily we had a lot to do to keep us busy and out of the rain while we were there!

We spent about 4 days in San Francisco, and we could easily have spent the entire time at the Fancy Food Show, it was so huge! There were tons of people there, lots of food to try, and a good time was had by all, or at least by me... :) To get an idea of the show and what is was like, check out to see footage of it. Hey, if you are lucky, you may even catch the interview with our National Sales Manager, Kimberly!

We also spent some time in Bristol Farms in the Westfield shopping center making sure the meat counter was absolutley gorgeous for any and all to see! Interesting place, considering the store was inside the mall, and literally right next to Bloomingdales!

Click here to view these pictures larger

Ah yes, a picture of all the girls, hard at work inside Bristol Farms! or are we hardly working? I'll let you decide... You can even get a glimpse of the pretty counter behind those pretty girls! Flattery will get you everywhere! Ooh, let's play a game! 5 points to each correctly identified person, 10 points for each correctly identified product on the counter, and a 50 point bonus for being the first person to get all of it correct!!!! What do you get with all of these points, you ask? The satisfaction of knowing all the correct answers, and the title of being Scott's Food Products #1 fan!!!

Another great place to stay dry in the rain is a lovely market in Portola Valley called Bianchini's Market. It is an old fashioned type of market with a full service meat and seafood counter! Great service, friendly people, and great products! Look out for out Santa Maria Style Seasoning set up on their meat counter right over the beef roasts! It is an excellent addition to just about anything to make an ordinary meal extraordinary!!! Check out their website too! It is just as lovely online as it is in person. They even have fun recipe contests for you online folk to participate in! Check it out, then stop by their market and check out! Just don't forget to grab a jar of Santa Maria on the way out.

Well, now that I have jibber jabbered for a bit, it is time to start the weekend, and come up with some more ideas to jibber jabber about next week. Until then, happy weekend, and happy grilling!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Fancy Food Show

Today I am writing from the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco! This is my first time at a trade show, and I must say it is quite impressive! I have heard about this show for my entire life (remember I said we are family owned?) and I am so excited that I finally get to be here myself!

The show is held in the Moscone Center and this year it is taking up three halls! It is massive, to say the least. Currently our National Sales Manager, Kimberly, is being interviewed in the Social Media Lounge here. Many different vendors are being interviewed throughout the course of the show and the interviews are being streamed through YouTube and also on the Fancy Food Show website. Click on the title of the blog to follow that link to check out some fantastic interviews, including our own!!!

I guess this would be an opportune time to introduce myself. I am Cristina, and I am a sales merchandiser for Scott's Food Products. Joining me on this journey to San Francisco is Kimberly, as mentioned above, and Carrianne, co-owner of the company and also my fantastic
mom! As for the Little Chef/Tony/my dad, sorry buddy, no show for you this year, the girls are taking over!!

Well it seems to me the interview is over. I guess it is just about time for me to get off the ground and start another day walking the show floor! Don't worry folks, I am sure I will be tasting enough cheese, chocolate, and sauces for ten people! Be jealous, you know you wish you were me!

Until next time folks, happy grilling!!!

This is Cristina with Scott's Food Products, signing off.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January is...

What do Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, Mickey and Minnie, and Mario and Luigi all have in common? Let me give you a hint: January is Dynamic Duos month!


Just like how all of those dynamic duos above go together like bread and butter, these pairs work together as a team to give you a fantastic meal! We have some great duos of seasonings and marinades for you to choose from at a great price!

So what kind of dynamic duos do we have to offer you this month you ask? Here’s a list!

Monterey Mesquite Seasoning and Marinade

Jezebel Spicy Spice and Sauce

Bourdelaise Marinade and Steakhouse Rotisserie and Grill Seasoning

Creamy Sicilian and Strictly Pepper

Buy one set for $12, save $1, two sets for $23, save $3, or better yet, three sets for $34, and save $5!

Ok. So there are a few fine points to the deal… isn’t there always a catch? Each pair must be bought together. This means no mixing and matching. Sorry folks! Monterey Marinade and Seasoning can’t be broken apart or else the world might end! Separation is their kryptonite. I promise we paired these little guys together for a reason, you won’t be disappointed! Check out the website for some fun serving suggestions, or just to look at pictures of some delicious food! Just in case you forgot the address, is the place to be!

Step out from the ordinary into the extraordinary and have a great meal tonight with some amazing products you have yet to try!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's the deal with that Garlic Oil?

 On to the next installment of Scott’s Food Products blogging! I mentioned last time that our Garlic Oil is made with canola oil, not olive oil. You must be wondering why that matters, right? Let me help to illuminate you on our reasoning behind straying from the crowd in our use of a different kind of oil!

-First of all, canola oil has a higher smoke point. This means it can be cooked at a higher temperature than other oils, such as olive oil, without burning. No longer will your food taste like burnt olives, just delicious garlicky goodness!!!

-Next, for you health conscious consumers out there, canola oil tends to be low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat. This has been known to lead to a lower risk of heart disease and cancer.

-Another cool (no pun intended) feature of canola oil is that it will stay liquid and clear if it is refrigerated. Normally oil will harden and turn a cloudy white, but not canola oil! You can store it in your fridge to keep it fresher, longer, and it can also be displayed in a refrigerated meat case without it hardening up! Add a touch of class to your meat case! For those of you who work around meat cases….

-Lastly on my list of canola oil points to ponder, it is tasteless, for the most part. This makes it even better to cook with! Especially when it is infused with garlic, as ours is! Your food won’t taste like olives, or burnt olives, just garlic! Mmmmmm garlic! I’m getting hungry already!

So what's for dinner?  Try using our Garlic Oil to use in a stir fry, or in your mashed potatoes to make garlic mashed potatoes!  You can even add some to your rice cooker to add a nice garlic flavor to your rice, as long as you don't mind your rice being a little less sticky....  The sky is the limit!  What are some of your favorite ways to use Garlic Oil?

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hello world!  Welcome to the blog of Scott's Food Products!  It's a new year, and it's a new Scott's Food Products!  We have been around for the past 32 years, believe it or not!  We make many of your favorite sauces, seasonings, and marinades, such as Santa Maria Style Seasoning, our #1 seller, and apparently everyone else's #1 as well! :) Some other popular items you may have heard of are Bourdelaise Marinade (great for filet mignon), Mediterranean Garlic (excellent for lamb, chicken, and fish), and that super awesome Garlic Oil, made with canola oil, not olive oil!  Oh yeah, and how could I forget our awesome pair of Asadas!  We have a green asada for chicken and seafood, and our Vaquero Asada is great on beef!  Check back for some great serving suggestions, history on our fun little/big family run business, new items, interesting facts, and much more!  Better yet, check out our WEBSITE!  Newly up and running!!!!! 

Until next time, Happy Grilling!