Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chabelita - a new line from Scott's Food Products

Scott's Food Products have launched a new line of products specifically aimed at the carniceria markets. These products will be manufactured under the Chabelita Foods label.

Firstly there is Citrus Marinade -
"Lemon, orange, and hand chosen Latino spices gives you a Citrus Marinade that is incredibly mouthwatering! Marinate chicken,pork or seafood in a zipper type bag. Add slices of lemon, orange and lime for an unbelievable taste sensation! Toss on the grill and serve with rice and beans for a taste like Comida de Casa!"
Secondly, Chipotle Marinade -
"Experience the fiery flavor of Chipotle Asada; the perfect taste combination of aged smoked chili peppers, and the authentic spices of Mexico. Marinate beef, pork, chicken or seafood. Enjoy a fresh outdoor experience at home."

Last but not least, Vaquero Seasoning -
"Vaqueros get mighty hungry tending cattle and riding the range. When it comes time for dinner they prepare food fit for a King! Vaquero Asada Seasoning is full-bodied and flavorful with the spices of Mexico. Mama’s special recipe will make your beef, pork and chicken succulent! Close your eyes and you’re at a Mexican fiesta!"

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pork Belly with Java Chili Rub

I never knew that Pork Belly was such a 'delicacy'!
Seems everyone LOVES this recipe. Thank you Annette Legaspi (San Diego Rep) for this fabulous recipe

Java Chili Pork Belly Sandwich
Dry a Pork Belly and top with Java Chili.
Cook in oven to render off some fat.
Slice and made a sandwich with Toasted Bun, Arugula Tomatoes and Avocado mixed with Wasabi to give a nice kick!